Tuesday, May 28, 2013

to Kill a Mockingbird Essay

Everyone in life is forced to make decisions. whether they have huge consequences or not is another question. the littlest things like if you decide not to eat breakfast it has consequences. if you don't eat breakfast you will probably be tired but if you do then you will be more awake and alert. but the choices can often have bigger consequences, ones that can affect your entire life and even end it. someone who made one of those decisions that affected his entire life was atticus finch in To Kill a Mockingbird. he decided to defend An African American in court for something he did not do in a very racist community. the decision he made had both negative and positive effects on his life.
one positive effect of Atticus defending tom robinson is that he is doing the right thing. he is giving the community a chance to change and slowly opening them up to not judging people on the color of their skin. if he hadn't defended tom the community wouldn't even have seen that the color of skin does not matter. when Atticus defended tom it showed them that there are other points of view besides theirs. what if it were them that got randomly prosecuted for something they clearly didn't do just for their skin color.
one of the negative effects of Atticus defending Tom Robinson was that the community was very mad at him but also surprised that he would defend an African american. they were used to nobody caring whether a black man got convicted of a crime he did not do. they judged him for defending an African american almost as much as they judge the african americans.
another negative effect of atticus choosing to defend Tom Robinson is that bob ewell then tried to kill his children. luckily boo Radley came in and helped them but if he hadn’t that would've been the ultimate consequence to his actions. he risked his entire life and the life of his family to defend tom. i think Atticus knew perfectly well what kind of person Bob ewell was and what he might do in reaction to his defending of tom, but sometimes you have to make the decision. is the possible outcome really worth what the consequences could be?
that is an example of someone in to kill a mockingbird who had to make a decision that had consequences. Atticus Finch made the difficult decision of defending Tom Robinson(an innocent black man) in a very racist community. he knew there would be consequences to his actions but sometime the cause just outweighs the consequences and you are stuck making a decision. i think he did the right thing by defending tom. i think in that situation the cause did outweigh the consequences.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Old Man and the Sea vs Joseph Stalin

Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway. Scribner Paperback Fiction, 1952. Genre: Fiction

Summary: The old man and the sea is a book about an old fisherman named Santiago and his struggle with the greatest catch of his life. the old fisherman is having an unlucky streak for many many days he hasn't caught any fish even the parents of his young apprentice Manolin made their child fish in another more fortunate boat but the apprentice still cared for the old man. on the 85th day as he promised he went out far into the gulf stream. when he was out there he found a very big marlin that he could not reel in that just pulled his boat around for three days. every time the marlin jumped or pulled it cut Santiago badly he endured the constant pain until on the third day the marlin got tired and got close enough to the boat for him to harpoon it he then heads back home but the dead marlin left a blood trail and attracted sharks he managed to fend off the first few but eventually they got the marlin only leaving the bloody skeleton and tail when he gets back to the village the next morning there were people gathered around the skeleton in amazement Manolin was very moved when he saw that Santiago was back safely and his unlucky streak was over.

"The writing was repetitious and predictable" - Rita

I chose this quote because i agree with it i really think most of the story was predictable and i could see the twist from a mile away. like when it says he promised to go out to deep waters on the 85th day you know he is going to end the bad luck spree.

i thought the writing style of the old man and the sea was kind of boring and very bland. i don't think he puts too much interesting detail into the thing or what they're doing but he does sort of give them personality and include characteristic traits into their actions and anything they say or do.

It relates to the book the hatchet because the old man is trying to survive against all odds in the wild with limited supplies just like the main character of hatchet.

the quote i trying to say that something devastating may destroy a man but he can always get back up and fight again no matter what happens to him in the end.

whenever i want to give up i think of Joseph Stalin just like how when the old man wanted to give up he thought of his mentor Joe DiMaggio.

I rate it 2 paws, find better pray.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Value thingy

value is not an easy thing to compare. some things have monetary value. but some things can’t have monetary value. like feelings or experiences. but they are not really exchangeable. i mean would you exchange a gold bar for time with family members. you need a balance. if you are very rich and buy lots of things but don’t spend time with family members or friends you would probably feel lonely. but on the other hand if you only spent time with family and friends and dont get anything for yourself. you might get overwhelmed.

i slowly lift the bottle up to my lips. i then tip the bottle up slowly. the sweet citrus liquid pours over my tongue. i feel the sensation in my throat as the mountain dew goes into my stomach. i do not really drink any other soda than mountain dew. i think it tastes delicious some people argue otherwise.

my brother picks me up from school almost every day. i spend about an hour with him every day. the time that i spent with him cannot be priced with a money value. because you cannot buy memories or time spent with someone else at any store. thats why the memories and time i spent with my brother are priceless.

If i was to have one of those things either mountain dew or the time with my brother it would definitely be the time with my brother because although i do value mountain dew i value the time i had with my brother more. and in some other occasions I may value a thing of price more than something priceless. but for most it is the priceless thing that matter to me truly.

in the end it is all on a personal level when it comes to what matters to you. everyone values their own things in life whether it be priceless moments or objects of value. it is up to us to discover what we truly value. i think that is part of the journey of life

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Walking Dead Volume 1 by Robert Kirkman brings hope to the last survivors!!!

The Walking Dead Volume 1 by Robert Kirkman. Image Comics, 2006.

Rick grimes the main character was just a regular country cop until one call changed his entire life one shot from a crook sent him into a coma. Next thing he knows the dead are walking around!!! Join him as he tries to survive and put his life back together.

“I have fallen in love with The Walking Dead”                                                              - comicbookrevolution.net

I have not read any other of Robert Kirkman’s works but his writing style is third person. He writes in a way that leaves you at suspense and then does something unexpected. His style is also very action packed and exciting. He also shows conflict between different characters but also shows how they are all bound by one cause.
A quote from the book is “rick, officer rick grimes at your service” (17).

In my childhood I always didn’t fully get along with my brother. We had many fights all the time. But in the end we always made up and realized there really wasn’t any reason to fight. I think this relates to the characters in the book because they fight sometimes but in the end they realize that surviving is a lot more important than that.

I give the walking dead volume 1 a 5 paw rating devour it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Summer reading essay
katniss-catching fire
percy-percy jackson and the lightning thief

5...4...3...2...1...0 percy started sprinting for a backpack a guy ran towards him with a sword in his hand the person swung at percy. he quickly ducked in response then twisted his arm and took the sword and the backpack and ran down the hill into the woods.he sprinted as fast as he could from the cornucopia in the middle of the arena. it was a bloodbath in there 8 people ran into the cornucopia only 2 came out one with a slice in the arm. finally percy found a small clearing so that he could stop and take a rest. he sat down and opened the backpack to look at the contents he found a thermos filled with cold water, a piece of bread, some rope, a winter jacket, and some pain reliever cream. he took a small rest and then started jogging in the same direction he was before after about 2 minutes he sat down and settled down in a tree. he decided to take a rest for a little while as he was sitting and catching his breath he heard something coming from his right he stiffened up and tried to be silent it was katniss. he was praying that she would not look in the tree but she was a very observent person and he could easily get caught he slowly breathed she quickly turned her head towards him and as soon as percy saw her turn her head he jumped off the tree and ran towards a small pool and dived into the pool to try and hide from katniss. he remained completely still until katniss passed by then he slowly got out of the water. but little did he know katniss was actually hiding behind a tree. she popped out shot him in the face with a bow and he died?